Editha House

Editha House is a place where patients and caregivers find comfort and emotional support in one another. We understand the challenges you are facing and are here to welcome you with open arms.


Volunteer to serve a meal
Donate to sponsor a meal

If you are interested in helping cancer patients, please consider cooking, serving, and/or donating a Community Meal for Editha House.

Your contribution will provide something that no medicine can replace: community. Over shared food, shared laughter, and shared tears, strangers become friends and volunteers become neighbors.

Cooking or catering a meal is a great experience for corporate, community, and social groups to bond while helping others. Your group can plan the menu, cook the meal at Editha House (or bring in a catered meal), and serve and eat with guests.

If you don't have time to serve a meal, but would like to support Editha House, please consider donating to sponsor a meal. When you provide the financial donation for a specific meal, we will find volunteers to cook and serve it. Each donation feeds approximately 20 people and a donation of $100 will sponsor a breakfast, $200 will sponsor a dinner, and $400 will sponsor a holiday meal.

For more information, read our Community Meal Guidelines or contact us at volunteer@edithahouse.org.

Visit our Facebook page to see photos of previous meals served at Editha House.